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The Advocacy and Business Solutions of SourceAmerica

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SourceAmerica Solutions helps create jobs for people that suffer from disabilities. They connect customers to nonprofit organizations who hire talented people with disabilities. Below I will list a few of the reasons SourceAmerica strives to be a leader in this industry.


Their Mission

SourceAmerica is dedicated to using a large network of non-profits to hire over 125,000 employees with disabilities, and they are just getting started. Everyone knows a good job is essential for fostering independence and self-esteem. Efficiency is something they pride themselves in, while changing the lives of disabled people in a positive and inspiring way.



One of the most important missions at SourceAmerica is changing the fact that millions of Americans with disabilities are not active in the workplace. Advocating for this segment of our population has been something SourceAmerica has been tireless about. They have made it possible for countless people with disabilities to be seen, heard, and ultimately, hired.


SourceAmerica - A win-win

Exceeding customer expectations for over 40 years due to a customer centered and high quality approach is the hallmark of SourceAmerica. All this adds up to a business solution that creates sound economical bottom lines for companies that use these exceptional people. Simply put, companies help themselves by using the vast pool of talent SourceAmerica has to offer.


Bottom Line

This company is not only dedicated to its vast network of non profits, but also the highly motivated pool of exceptional talented people they use. They strive to make sure any disabled person wants to work will find a job. America has an untapped amount of special men and women that will prove what an asset they can be for any company. SourceAmerica will continue to blaze this trail into the future. See the latest job opportunities come check https://www.indeed.com/cmp/Sourceamerica.

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